He Saved Me From You

April 23, 2011
Please forget
That awful night
When you called
Me after the game.

Please forget
How long we talked
And all the things
That were said.

Please forget
How you pulled me in
Just like you always do.

And please forget
How I said that
I still had feelings for you.

It was stupid and foolish,
And now I know I was wrong.
I should've known that
You were lying to me all along.

Forget how you made me lose
The best thing I ever had.
And how you made me feel -
Like I was relieved and glad.

I hate you now,
I really do.
More than I could explain.
I wish you could just go away -
You've caused me too much pain.

You've ruined my life
More than once
And you know too much about me.
I wish I would've listened to them,
And just set you free.

I've wasted so much time you
And I still don't know why I did.
I was stupid and
I just wanted someone,
But I was still just a kid.

You tried to pressure me
And I couldn't take it,
So I ended it all of those times.
I didn't know not kissing you was considered
Such a terrible crime.

But once I did, I fell for you again -
WHich again, was a major mistake.
You've made me cry so many times -
Why didn't I double take?

That night we were done,
He was there and he saved me -
And that was when we won.
He took me away, and he set me free,
And now I know he's the one.

I don't need you now.
I won't ever again.
I'm happy as ever,
Because I'm with him.

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