Red Car

April 23, 2011
By _paigeemp PLATINUM, Dayton, Ohio
_paigeemp PLATINUM, Dayton, Ohio
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That red car has changed my life,
And I'll never forget the way,
She screamed and swerved and saved my life -
I'll never forget that day.

That day when everything went by
So quickly and so hard.
That day when it broke in three,
And left bruises purple and red.

Marks across my face and knees,
Bruises across my chest.
Where the seat-belt was across,
Saved all the rest.

He didn't get out.
Not for a while at least.
He said it hurt too much to move.
His stomach had taken defeat.

She couldn't move,
Not even a bit -
No matter how hard she tried.
It took forever to get her out,
I imagined how much she cried.

As soon as it hit, it was smoky and black,
So right away I got out and sat.
I let him know I'd been in a wreck,
And then I called Daddy back.

I was bawling and worried,
As some nice man hurried,
And helped to call 9-1-1.
The police asked me questions
About me and Evan,
Like our birthdays and where we came from.

The ambulance came just in time,
You could hear the sirens calling.
On our way there, Ev got an IV,
We were scared, and we were both crying.

Once we got there, we got separate rooms,
Both in the emergency section.
I wish we could've been closer that day,
He was scared and he needed protection.

The nurse came in,
And stuck the IV in the place where my arm had bent,
My veins were too thin,
It wouldn't go in,
So they put it in my hand instead.

They took a few x-rays,
With little delays -
And then Aaron came in.
He said they got Mommy
Out of the car,
But he hadn't seen her since.

After a while,
I got released.
So I went to see Ev,
Make sure he's in one piece.
He was asleep,
I couldn't blame him.
But then I saw Mommy,
And I felt sick.

She had cuts and bruises and didn't look normal,
And she was hooked up to all these machines.
She was crying but still, 'cause she couldn't move,
And she asked if we were okay.

I felt hot,
Like the room was spinning -
So I went to the bathroom,
Just to lay down
On the cold, hard floor.

I thought I went,
But I really didn't.
I had passed out -
Cold on the floor.

I fell down,
Right to the ground -
Because of the sight of my mom.
I was scary and sad
And broken and bad,
And I just couldn't take it.

I woke up and got up
Then went back to her room,
Where the nurses and doctors had stood.

I told her I was hot
And my head had hurt,
And right away she understood.
She knew that I had passed out on the floor,
I couldn't take the sight of her there anymore.

The doctors came in and told us the news -
Her femur had broken in three.
She was in pain
And she needed surgery.

Evan and she had stayed overnight,
At the hospital, and I stayed at Daddy's.
The next few days were hard
And Evan didn't go to school the next day.

Mommy was still in the hospital though,
And we missed her when she was away.
I'll never forget the sight of her there,
On that cool September day.

Grandma stayed for a couple of months,
To help out around the house.
Mommy's made lots of progress since then,
She's even been out of the house.

She went from wheelchair to walker,
From walker to came.
And now she's all on her own.

She still has a limp, but she'll get there.
Even if it takes her a while.
She's strong, and she never fails.

She can drive and she can walk up the stairs
And she rides an exercise bike.
It's amazing to see how much everyone cares,
And how much she's really liked.

But I'll never forget that look on her face, on that day when she saved my life.

The author's comments:
In September of 2009, I got into a really bad car accident. It was head on, and I was in the passenger seat. My mom broke her femur in three places, and stayed in the hospital for weeks. My brother had fluid in his lungs, and I was badly bruised. This is a poem of exactly what happened.

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