Planet Hell

April 23, 2011
I sit here behind these barbed wired walls
With Nazi guys shooting those who fall
I sit here where many have sat before
In this iron hell I wasn't meant for
Why must I sit here cold, alone, and living in fear?
Why is it when I look around I see pain and tears? They are lightly greeting each other with open arms
Through the eyes of those who are broken more or less harmed
Why do I see people raining down on me?
While the sun is brightly gleaming
It's gleaming with a painted on smile
The light seems warm but it doesn't go the extra mile.
Why does the sun get to be free
While I am sitting here in sheer misery?
Soon the guards will come and take me away
to go carry large stones while they talk light like they are at play
Why is it when we do things right
Like study our manuscripts with all our might
We get locked up and beaten on sight
Why did my sister and mom went left
While my dad and I went right?
Why is it I had to see them thrown into a fire pit?
Why was my cousin so small so young
injected with a serum that made him go limp?
I mean he was only just an infant
This is my life, my life at Auschwitz
I must go now I have been selected to go perform some experiments

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