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April 23, 2011
By BreeDoehring BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
BreeDoehring BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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I close my eyes and loosen my grip.
I fall back
And land in a cloud of music.
My state of mind changes,
The steady beat
is my heart,
Through the whole song,
Persevering like a cage fighter,
People have their addictions,
Music is my favorite brand of heroine,
The notes are my life,
The high A with its
crystal-like pitch,
Ringing with innocence,
And I'm back in kindergarten
In a state of
imagination and wonder
Down to the B and it's prom night
The rich beauty of the note
Whirling and twirling on the
dance floor
Soaking up the rhythm,
I let the lyrics wash over me,
Like a scrub brush to my soul,
Nothing matters now,
It's me and the melody,

My fingers patter pit patter
on my knee
The roar of the train,
the same 4/4 beat
As my heart,
Sitting on a park bench,
I let nature conduct the concert,

Music fills every dark crevice,
every crack in the sidewalk,
It's when you breathe,
Quiet and serene,
A silent melody
enchanting the room,
And filling me,
Making me whole,
With every note,
Something builds inside,

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