I Felt It So Close

April 23, 2011
By georgiab PLATINUM, Whitman, Massachusetts
georgiab PLATINUM, Whitman, Massachusetts
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A dream so close to reality
I woke up; searching for evidence to prove it wasn’t real.
I closed my eyes trying desperately to get back to that place.
A dream so heart breaking to wake from,
I spent the rest of the day alone.
I walked to where no one could find me.
Reliving the dream as I walked.
How you spoke my name clearly.
And my name on your lips was the most beautiful music.
And how those same lips stroked my forehead,
So light that they barely touched me at all,
But I could feel it in every part of me.
So close to me,
That our hearts began to beat in the same, slow rhythm.
I dreamt we sat gently on a curb somewhere.
And you leaned in close to my ear
To say I looked pretty in my work boots.
And I admitted to worrying you might not like them.
But on that curb,
Where no cars passed,
I could not find anything to worry about.
And just as I comforted this thought,
I awoke to reality.
And I spent the day alone in places where no one could find me.

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