No Man's Land

April 23, 2011
I am sitting here in a place between truth and lie
A place a color of gray that no one can define
My soul had been poured out the day before
The colors it bled was nor black or white
But blue like the sky before a rain
And red like a person who had nothing to gain
Everyone was confused,
Where would they put me?
My soul not easily perceived
Was I good or bad?
Strong or naive?
Who I was with before had meaning no more
They sat for days debating the matter
When they remembered a place made for the indefinable,
The ones who could not be labeled
A punishment it seemed to me,
A punishment for being unique
So here I sit as I write in a place from which I cannot move
Like none you have seen before,
I am soul that only yearns to explore
Waiting for a prince charming to save me from my fate
A life everlasting in no man’s land,
A life of endless wait

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