April 23, 2011
The dark shadows of this picture scare me…
The hallow, baron landscape shows us nothing.
Just an empty room, with black walls, & flooring
The cracks in the walls show there was once a person in here,
The white chair in the middle of the room seems to get bigger and bigger each time,
There is no one to be seen or heard from,
In this cold dark hollow wasteland of eternity,
In which only the shadows can wait.
Both of us here now,
The shadows seem to be calling us.
Their haunting words fill my skull,
Ear to ear, their questions follow.
My mind starts to wrap around their concept on life.
“Live our lives while we live yours,”
My friend starts to pull me away, but I won’t budge,
I just signed my soul to the devil.
Forever is to be a long time, though we have ourselves.
With eternity to live, I have to wait a long time to free myself, as well as the others.
This is our own empty abyss on life.
From there on I’m known as “Lisa”
I don’t remember much of my life,
I had a mom, a dad, 4 cats, and a brother.
My friend had left me that day.
When I try to leave, the hold that holds me here grows stronger.
But I know that time has passed from me like a bullet.
Only a century ago I was like you
Blonde hair, blue eyes, everyone said I had an angelic face.
But beyond all that, I was broken in half between myself and the part of me that wanted to claw its way out, the part of me that is evil.
All that’s left of me now is hollowness…
The person who holds us here will never let us leave,
For those who do trick their way out, always come back as their human host dies with old age or a tragic death.
I must get out these people, these souls who sold their life, out of their misery.
Their pain is my awakening, my true destiny.

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