Paws for a cause

April 23, 2011
By SummerSunshine777 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
SummerSunshine777 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Animals are like humans they have feelings
They weren't put on earth for us to abuse them for our own sick thrilling
Cats in the gutter and dogs starve to death
The people that are supposed to love them steel their last breath
Horses getting shot and seals getting slayed
Death is an unfair price they paid
They cry and they plead tears fall from their eyes
The people that feel nothing should be despised
Dogs are bred to live but they have to fight for their lives in dog fighting rings
The broken dog that lost,
is left for dead what a priceless cost
For some animals they don't live another day
For a seal another fish or a hoarse another stack of hay
Animals and humans belong together
So why are people wearing fur and leather?
We have to love all animals even robot ones like jaws
Lets put our hearts together for paws for a cause.

The author's comments:
I love animals so much and it hurts me to see them being mistreated. I can't believe how someone can hit an animal on purpose for no reason and feel good about it. My step grandmother has a dog max who i have grown to love so much . My neighbor has a dog that was abused and she is extremely scared of everyone and its so sad. so i dedicate this poem to max and my neighbors dog Speedy <3

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