Battle with Depression

April 23, 2011
By writer2012 BRONZE, Leesport, Pennsylvania
writer2012 BRONZE, Leesport, Pennsylvania
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I stare
Eyes glazed over
Tears running down my face
Heart racing
Mind chaotic...

I feel
The sharp crispness
Of the shard
As it burns my flesh.

The shard
(laced in my feelings)
Cuts deeper
Into my pain.

Blood dripping
One...Drop... At...
A... Time...
i succumb to relief
as my feelings wash with it.

I've been gone,
Wrapped up..
Broken away,
From reality...

Glancing down,
As i make
Another swipe
I see the shimmering
Reflection of white light.

I see
(for a split second)
My friends...
My family...
My reality...

I could sense
That white light
Which seemes forever lost,
The memories
That appear non-existent.

But those
Dark Devilish Demons

They crawl
Through my pores,
Seeping into my blood...
Conquering my body,
Severing my soul.

They, my master..
Their puppet..
Their toy..
Constantly playing their games.

They barricade my mind,
Focusing my eyes
On the shimmering shard,
Now creating
Another battle wound.

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