Where is the religion?

April 23, 2011
By , Three Rivers, MI
Where is the religion?
Where has it gone?
Where is the truth?
Where hide the humble?
All I see is evil but I am not dumb
enough to believe that the good is all gone,
So where are ye, like me,
who want a better world?
Who need support?
And believe there is strength in the Lord?
When too many fakers and haters arise,
who will stand up for what is right?
Who will help me take a stand?
Who's going to make the world better again?
God's grace is here in my heart,
Won't you help me to give it a brand new start?
We're still his children you know,
he'll always forgive us,
he'll never let go,
he will hear our prayers,
you just have to shout them.
Do you have vision for what could be?
Won't somebody please join me?
When the struggle is too much to stand,
where is the religion?

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