I Cannot Die

April 23, 2011
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Within my last whisper
will be a fearless tear,
that falls upon my lips
and happily sighs
a deaf and defiant cry,
"I cannot die."

It will not be one of denial
that quietly claws in desperation
upon walls of defeat and sorrow;
It will be a silent call
louder than can be heard
that sounds in the hearts of all.

Death is feared and revered
by many, but not I
in each of us
is an immortal Force
that cannot lie
and does not accept to die.

Some call is Soul, and others, God,
while one will scream The horror!
But I care not,
what lays in the crevice
of that symbolic heart;
It solely matters, that It Is.

This is not my fancy,
it is a fact of my Faith
that the last words
to leave my breathless lips
will be these:
"I cannot die."

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