Stuck on You

April 23, 2011
By TayIndago BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
TayIndago BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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If someone was to ask me
Why I was so stuck on you
I’ll tell them I couldn’t formulate an answer
Or put all the pieces together of the equation
Maybe it was all those dreams that didn’t come true
That moonlight candle lit dinner for two?
A walk on a beach on a summer Saturday’s afternoon
All of those carefully detailed fantasies of me and you
Finally came crashing down on my reality and I’m left with those last special delusional few
Call me crazy to still think that there is a possibility of a maybe
Just know that I’ll be that faithful fan still waiting.
If someone was to ask me why I was so stuck on you
I’ll tell them only because I was lucky to meet someone like you

The author's comments:
Sometimes we have to laugh at our own dreams and fantasies that we all have. Even if there is no chance with that person you fell for, at least you had the opportunity to meet, know or possibly befriend someone like them

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