The Necklace

April 22, 2011
By KaisaF BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
KaisaF BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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It reminds me of pain
And to never be the same
To never trust again
For that, you can't explain
You ripped me apart
And now I have a broken heart
I used to think it was my mistake
But then, I found out you're just a fake
I used to love you
But now I got the clue
You just never cared
And I don't want to be shared
Now all that's left of you
Is a necklace and a scar tattoo
But I'll never forget
The pain you caused and the threat
But just remember this one thing
My heart is no longer aching
My hands not longer reach for you
And I have finally made a breakthrough
I am finally through
And there's nothing you can do

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