The Quake

April 22, 2011
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I am the almighty, determined
mouse who built a tree house that was made of
twigs and leaves. It was made for my friends who
don’t seem to appreciate it anymore.
Especially Jade – the elephant. I
didn’t mean for it to happen and
I surely didn’t mean for anyone
to get hurt. It’s all my fault and I was
even warned by the sweet and innocent
wolf who wears a crimson hood.

He informed me of the unbearable
earthquake that was going to take over
Georgia, but I didn’t believe him. The
news man hadn’t mentioned anything about
any special weather occurrences.
So on that bright and sunny morning, I took
it upon my free – spirited self to
invite my closest friends to spend a lovely
afternoon in my tree house which I call
Atlantis. They were fascinated by my

interior designing. So let me
explain it real fast. A tad bit obsessed
with Super Man, I dedicated an
entire sapphire wall to the man
I adore the most. Stunned at the first wall,
their eyes grew in amazement as they came
face to face with my wall of musicians
and instruments. My favorite being the
clarinet, was surrounded by instruments
such as the triangle and saxophone.

I was tired of watching them grow with
awe at my decorating skills, so instead I sat on
the couch and popped in my all-time favorite movie,
Shrek. They finally sat down and
we enjoyed ourselves. To make things even
better, I began to pop a bunch of
popcorn seeds. We sat and twiddled our thumbs
as we watched the movie grow closer to
the end. With five minutes to go, we felt
a wretched rumble that reminded me

of a lion’s mumble. Feeling the house
move, we all grabbed on to different sides
and corners of the couch. “Oh help us God,”
shouted Scarlet the squirrel. I felt my
loving heart drop down into my stomach
and I felt like I had received the strenuous
illness known as mononucleosis.
Air. Large amounts of screams, I knew that us
animals would most likely be going

to Animals Hospital. I just didn’t
want to face the fact that I hadn’t
listened to that darling wolf. I felt like
a complete fool who had clouds and pouring
rain above my head. Finally hitting
the ground, I noticed everyone was fine…
except Jade. Holding her snout and bawling
her large oval eyes out, we all though “Oh
great.” Jade is the princess of our group. She
is the one who complains during music
class about instruments (drums to be exact)
being too loud. She never used to be
so high maintenance. It all changed when her
boyfriend moved here from small town Iowa.
With her being so prissy, us boys called
an ambulance for her and fled the scene.
I guess you could say what we did was
wrong but if you knew Jade and the way she
acts, you, my fellow reader would have done the same.

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