April 22, 2011
pitter patter
goes my heart
like raindrops on cement
falling on names written
on the sidewalk
a story behind each letter
blink blink
go my eyes
looking for you
even though i am quite sure
you won’t be there
but i am really hoping
to just be able
to catch your eye
in the hall
twist twist
goes my finger
in my hair
so many pretty girls
around me
I hope you will see
through them
and to me
as if they were
like i guess
i am
tick tick
the little red hand
on the clock
not really useful
just for show
so much faster
than the other hands
step step
i can sense
you coming
down the stairs
floating as if
you could just get up
and fly away
but i will not allow
you to take the chance
because you mean too much
to me
turning turning
around the corner
i am sure
at this angle
you will see me
but if i look up
will it be too
pitter patter
goes my heart
i am being
one look won’t give
me away
blink blink
i decide to take the
twist twist
finger in hair
i really wish
i could see how
i looked
at this moment
in time
tick tick
my moment
our moment
as if
is coming
step step
i walk
look up
trying to
only to see
you looking

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