Are You Innocent

April 22, 2011
By Anonymous

The sweet, safe, secure innocence of childhood.
Does it ever leave us?
Scared away, like a frightened rabbit;
Never to be seen again?

Or does it stay?
Like a faithful lapdog,
Comforting you as you explore the world.
In only the safe parts;
The places you are allowed.

Do you stay on the beaten path?
The one your parents made for you;
The one you aren’t allowed to stray from.
Do you follow their guidance?

Or do you stray?

Stray, like a curious, carefree child.
Stray, wanting to learn more about the world.
Stray, seeing something interesting.
Stray, into the shadows.

And when, or if, you stray into the shadows,
Can you turn around?
Can you undo what has been done?
Or are you stranded,
Cursed to live without that innocence.
That sweet, safe, secure innocence.

Or did your world go dark?
Like a candle, snuffed
And thrust into the darkness,
Having to feel your way around.
Can you trust anyone to guide you?

Has your innocence been stolen?

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