April 22, 2011
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I will let myself slip into your unattainable grip
Falling deep down beneath the cracks and fractures in natural law
I will hide there until discovered
And then I will leave my titanic to find again, a new.
I will release my heart to the tides
Forever shifting and changing
Blindly following the particles that pull it
I will always be fine even when i am alone
With no current
I will enjoy the feeling of sinking
When you alas trap me, perhaps I will attach
But perhaps my roses will die and the water I called blue will turn gray
Will this water tell me in monologue my path or will it be silent as human lips say it is
Will I ever reach my blue diamond or will I stray far away like a bad game of marco polo
Whatever happens I will be fine
For every particle in the ocean is eventually worn down to nothing but a fine sand, which can slip under your toes
Hidden deep bellow unable to ever…attach.

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