The Country

April 22, 2011
By KK Kennedy BRONZE, Bondurant, Iowa
KK Kennedy BRONZE, Bondurant, Iowa
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A small but beautiful place filled with things such as laughter
and music that rings through the
streets. Also, in the same streets are those God forbidden

sheriffs. They say they’re just our friends but we country
people know better than that. We
know their best friends are their radars and ticket producing

machines. They can’t fool us country folks. We are all tightly
knit together like a crocheted hat that the town Grandma puts
together. Everyone knows each other’s business so

you better watch out. But for the most part we keep our mouths
shut besides when we all go
to the one room sanctuary. Filled with a diverse

range of ages and race. Awe. What a beautiful place
to live. Tractors in the street, children running
loose with no care. The country…the spot to be.

The author's comments:
This is another poem that is included in our poetry unit. It was developed off of an assumption about small towns.

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