April 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Everything falls apart with one careless gesture
One cold word and the world shatters
Twisted into a sick fantasy of horror
Horror and unrequitted feelings
Guarded from all others and losing.
No amount of sympathy or good intentions
Could erase, undo, the destruction laid out
All the fear, the heartache, the emptiness
Wrung out over several days for another's fun.
For anything would be done to please, abate
The wrath of an angelic face and devilish heart
Demon whose pleading eyes trap easy prey
Prey that might potentially pose a threat
If not otherwise contained and monitored.
Slowly the truth will trickle inside
Break through the fog and wake up
The beast that longs to seize control
Let the demon-angel catch herself
Deep within her own labyrinth and
Make her suffer for the chaos caused.
Forced to understand all the pain, regret
Every terrible blow dealt to another
Rethinkin what words were used, and held back.
Just wanting it all to fall back into place
Wishing to not have been so cruel, so heartless
The eyes changing to reveal hidden pains
Knowing it won't change his mind.
Bleeding black tears from every agony
Lying on the frigid ground to accept the
Inevitable defeat that's coming her way.
Sleep in peace, angel of dreams
And know you are safe from her disease.

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