April 22, 2011
By Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
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The years of wear and tear evident on my face
Even though I try to hide what’s left inside me
Left over, the emotions buried would kill a lesser man
Like I’ve always been warned, “Life will bite you again.”

Held back by something I cannot and will not ever see
Instant isolation is all I want for the rest of eternity
Many will come and go as they always have done

Every time it begins, my heart gets shattered once again
Varying intensities of one emotion or another inside of my body
Envious of those with no worries about them at all
Restricted from touching the one I love so deeply and wholly
Yet they still find a way to open my wounds
Thanks to them, I’m alone in the way I feel
Helped only by the thought of their suffering soon
Indecision rattling all the choices loudly in my lonely, pounding head
Now that the smoke has cleared, I can finally see
Good or bad, none of this was ever for me.

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