For the Past

April 22, 2011
By , Douglasville, GA
Lost inside me so deep, wishing it was different
That you'd never been there, never seen me, never spoke.
Since you were I can't change my past, only future
My only regret is that I decided to let it continue.
Instead of stopping it than allowing you to rule my life
How stupid was I really, back then, a fragile girl.
Did you really have to push and drag me around?
Molding me into your only punching bag?
How can you continue to smile as if you're human
When, underneath it all, you're a heartless monster!
It's possible to erase it, make it all go away
The damage you caused, the pain you forced me to endure.
You can't just sit there and act like it never happened!
The abuse you did, the wreckage you created
Inside of me won't go away, you monster, you're to blame!1
Full of bogus promises, lies, all of your sick games are over
I'm not going to lose again, not this time, never again.
You can't possibly remember me as I was, before your torture
I don't even remember who I was, so how can you?
The bruises have gone, the pain as well
But the heartache will always be there
Never again will I be yours. I won't take that again
I could pour my soul out in this simple poem
But I'd rather not, so say good-bye this last time.
Don't try to tell me you're sorry, we both know that's bulls***
Can't you tell I'm not well, that I'm falling apart inside?

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