April 22, 2011
By Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
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The feeling of drowning just won't go away
I hope you can forgive me for my mistakes
Didn't mean to make you crumble

Please forgive me, I'm stranded.

Left out where no one will find me
Entangled in a web of deceit
Won't you come and save me

Don't forsake me, I'm stranded.

Crying silently in an ocean of blood
No one can hear me scream
I never wanted to hurt you

Love me, I'm stranded.

Kept in a dark house full of nightmares
Unable to remember where I am
Can't you think about it for once

Don't leave me, I'm stranded.

Hoping you won't be angry
I wait in silence and cringe
Thinking you wouldn't have cared

Please believe me, I'm stranded.

Don't you want me back
Even if it's only for a little while
When you said you loved me

You deceive me, I'm stranded.

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