Caring For and Hating You

April 22, 2011
By meagash SILVER, Weymouth, Massachusetts
meagash SILVER, Weymouth, Massachusetts
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I twist and I turn
Can’t fall asleep at night
To busy thinking
Thinking of you

How you’ve treated me
How you’ve treated my friends
I’m torn up inside
Because you said you love me

The hatred I feel is miles deep
It’s killing me to say this
Killing me to feel this way
But it’s true

I feel sorry for you
You think your life is hell
Well you’re wrong
You have all you want

And now I’m forced to sit here
Wistfully thinking of you
Wishing you’d come back
Wishing you’d leave

Caring and hating you all at once is hard to do
Seeing you everyday makes it even worse
So tread carefully when in my reach
Or else you might regret the day you met me

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