April 22, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s a winding path
Turning constantly, seeking the best
Or perhaps sometimes the worst
Today it’s brought me here

Here, where I wait
As my passion ignites once again
And I tremble at the thought
Will this be any different?

Different, because you are
And because I am
Flawed, yet held flawless in the arms of Christ
Joy made complete

Joy, sought in His arms
Finally understanding
He is what I seek above all else
And to be near Him is enough

Enough, but in seeking Him
Perhaps I seek you too
And so paths intertwine
Weaving in and out

Weaving, until they join at last
As the world sighs
My world, transcending me
In your eyes, and in His arms

Eyes and arms, perfect
Tearing away the path behind me
As though it were never there
I am here, and here is where I stand

Standing, for purity and for faith
Waiting for words
That blossom like dandelions in the wind
Finding their nest

Nesting, where I pray they find rest
Seeds, bursting into life with whispers
That caress you as you sleep
And growing into flowers

Flowers, that speak in their turn
Beautiful in the light
Closed in the dark
Reflecting the only truth I know

Truth, bending before me
Alighting on a single point
Darkened by fear and future
Yet still beautiful in illumination

Beautiful, as you are
To live in this moment
To cast aside fears
Today it’s brought me here

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