Silent Torture

April 22, 2011
By , Park City, UT
That buzzing. The buzzing that batters your ears as you lay in the silent room, so silent you could literally hear a pin drop.

That buzzing that amplifies every thought that runs through your head by 1000.

That buzzing that makes you just want to break out screaming bloody murder so you can break the silent barrier for at least a second. To keep screaming until you don’t have any breath left. But when no more air can be pushed out of your lungs, the bloody silence starts again.

That buzzing sound that has a base that beats on your ear drums like bongo drums.

But what’s amazing to me, is how that bee in your ear, makes you think.

Think about life.

It makes you think, and you can’t stop it no matter how hard you try to picture that blank slate with no thoughts on it. The buzzing forces you.

The problem is, I hate thinking about life, because when you do, you notice how messed up life really is.

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