April 28, 2011
By UnwrittenGirl BRONZE, Little Falls, New Jersey
UnwrittenGirl BRONZE, Little Falls, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
\"Find someone who can make you smile, and dont give up on them\"

Let me sit here and watch,

As young girls call each other whores and sluts,

Not because they are or anything,

But because they find it hilarious,

To say the condescending words.

I look at them,

as if they were seagulls at the Arctic Ocean.

I look away not wanting the attention drawn on me,

but they have already seen my pitiful glances.

One of them asks what my problem is,

I tell her society.

She looks dumbfounded,

clearly she is not very intelligent to figure it out.

I ask why she calls her friends whores.

She says you would know if you had bestfriends,

it’s what you do, you make fun of each other.

I never understood why girls do it and accept the cold words.

I hate it when a friend of mine says a word against me,

the words repeating in my head,

like a broken tape player.

a loser

a b****

a joke

I know you never meant the words,

but to me it meant more than a laugh that did not come out of my mouth.


your laugh did make it.

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