April 28, 2011
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How can one word define us?
How can one word decide our fates?
It is a word loved by the rich and dreaded by the poor.
It is a word that can take away lives or start them.
Money decides if you get to go to college, or get a car at sixteen.
The word money, the object money, it runs lives.
It ruins friendships, relationships, even marriages.
You can’t do a single thing without money by your side.
It’s like a bad dream that stays with you always,
Or a companion that you couldn’t imagine life without.
People have become too dependent on it.
And when we find ourselves lost from its arms,
We lose our minds trying to get it back.
As if a drug addict lost their pills.
But what about the smokers that successfully quit?
Turned their lives around and have more life to look forward to.
What about the victims that have overcome their fears?
And those who stood by their side the whole way.
They don’t let one word overcome them.
There is only one way to make it through this life.
That one way is represented by another word.
And that word that can help us in hard times.
That can get us through those dark days that never end.
That one word that we should let be a part of our lives.

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