The Secret Dark

April 28, 2011
By SophieN SILVER, Seminole, Florida
SophieN SILVER, Seminole, Florida
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In the dark beneath the skin, in secret dark
No light penetrates.
Blackness creeps into
The cracks and fissures of my mind.
Dark inside and out, locked
In the constant cycle of darkness for darkness
There is no absolution, no resolution,
To the constant leeching inside.
Snakes slither and spit, rats scamper and slide,
Bugs skittle and squish over frozen rock
Their way deeper
And deeper within.
Black catches black, calling out to each other
In the still of the night.
Whispers of trees no longer heard brush
Against my cold-sweated skin.
There’s no escape, no escape
For someone like me.
I’m locked, trapped, in
A circle of my own creation.
There’s no way out of
The secret dark beneath my skin.

The author's comments:
The piece was written for class with the prompt, "In the dark beneath my skin."

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