Reverse Rhyme

April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

I do not sit on Max
Doing so makes me mad
It makes him sad
He has to play his sax
Then I give him a hat
After he always goes ham
He doesn’t like to play
Never close to any plug
He’s allergic to cats
So I put some in a cab
What I did wasn’t bad
When he gave them back
Is when he screamed
He knew who he was scaring
It was me he was of course
So I must now steal his coat
And then put it in a boat
Walking to the boardwalk
Stopping me was my death
I never once had faced defeat
Never thought myself as a loner
I guess I am, I don’t feel lonely
The door is opening now
I hear someone saying no
It is Max I must now hear
He must have a headache
Either way I am now alive
Now hearing loud alarms
My eyes now begin to open
I am again not open-minded

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