Letting Go

May 3, 2011
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A girl took a flower and placed it
on the frozen water
she said
‘this will never sink
for it will rest with grace and beauty
on the strong ice that holds
me together’
The flower lay there, and she waited for the flower
to grow

Six months later, she
woke up on
the cold snow
and saw that the ice had thinned, and
the flower was no longer
so alive

Its stem was just under the water, and
the petals lay limp with
but she didn’t mind like she
thought she would
because it was
still beautiful.

Now that she was awake,
she watched it as
it slowly sunk in the pond
and she felt a strong hint of refuge
and freedom
for when it sunk, which would be soon, she could
let go of something
that held her down and wouldn’t let her
find peace

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