Chain Of Pain

April 28, 2011
Everytime Someone Say Something You Can’t Stand,
It Sticks In The Back Of Your Mind,
The Words Are Like Glue And They Never Give Away,
You Have Those Words In Your Mind,
From Time They Are Said To The Time You Die,
And The Only Way To Get Rid Of Those Words Are To Stick More Bad Words In,
But If Your Going To Stick Those Words In,
They Are Just Going To Make You Feel Awful,
So Why Say Things Like That?
Because You Can’t Think Of Something Good To Say,
Because You Not The Type Of Person To Forgive And Forget,
You Stick Those Words That Have Been Said To You,
And Pass Them On Like They Are Right To Say,
But They Aren’t,
They Are Totally Wrong,
And You Know It,
But You Say Them Anyways,
Because You Want Someone To Feel As Bad As You Do,
You Don’t Care If It Hurts There Feelings,
Because Your Feeling Were Hurt,
And Because Of That Your Willing To Hurt Someone Else,
No Matter If It Is Emotional, Physical, Or Mental,
Your Going To Do It Cause It Make You Forget For That One Moment,
That No One Ever Said One Bad Word To You,
But Now Your Leaving A Little Thing Called Pain Into Someone Else,
Your Starting Something,
Something Called A Chain Of Pain,
That Chain Of Pain May Not Be Right,
But It Makes You Feel Better So Your Going To Do It Anyways,
Your Going To Do It For That One Moment,
So The Next Person Has To Do The Same,
Get That One Moment,
But How?
The Same Way You Did,
Pass It On,
Cause A Chain Of Pain.

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Ali936 said...
Jul. 5, 2011 at 10:53 pm
You seem to know what you're talking about. You always seem to hook me into whatever you say. You're an amazing poet, don't ever forget that. You have a talent, Sweetheart. Don't let go of it.
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