This Tragic Sequal

April 28, 2011
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Let’s watch these cities burn,
From the skylines of the world
We watch this city burn of the wise mans choices
Let’s watch these cities burn,
As we watch from the top of the world,
Left to fix the choices of the majority
As the world comes burning down,
We’ll be watching from the skylines on top of the world
We are born in this world as it all falls apart,
Left behind to fix this burning world.
Hear us whispering n the dark
We walk alone in the shadows of what once was
Crawling through this world our dear parents left us
We are left alone in this world, to march to the drums of the damned
They left us here, those once wise men,
To fix what their elders left them
They were always running from their burning cities,
Running towards their flag of hatred
They’ve left us on top of the now burning skyline
As we have heart to thank those who have waved the flag of hatred
So that on top of this burning world, we can shout to this world
We are now one, in this tragic sequel

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