In the South

April 28, 2011
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It is slow and easy
A Mississippi river boat
Red and white
Flowing east and west

Standing at the iron railing,
Powdered sugar
On my little black sneakers

The moon reflects in domes of midday blue
That squint with happiness,
Tracing my silhouette.

I slept on the porch in the sun
Listening in dreams to the Yamaha he played
Swinging his feet over the edge
Never singing

Always in his head.

We were peaceful then.
Resting with a sense of weightlessness
My stomach in the sun, his bare feet dangling
Liberated and youthful.

At Panola and Burdette
It is slow and easy.
In a yellow house with a red door
Pressed against
Pillows that stay there
On a couch for

3 that sit

1 that sleeps

2 who take it slow and easy.

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