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April 27, 2011
Where is the light? Nonno asks
In his smooth Italian voice
Ella, where is the light?
Dov’e la luce?

She tilts her head
Towards the ceiling fan
Her eyes alight with laughter
She does not speak
But she knows the light

Clap your hands, Nonno suggests
He shows her how it’s done
Ella, clap your hands
Batti le mani

She brings her hands together
Is delighted when they meet
With a resounding smack
She does not speak
But she knows to clap

I’m going to get you! Nonno laughs
He has fun with this too
Ella, I’m going to get you!
Mo ta chiapo!

She kicks her feet
High in the air
Waves her hands around
She does not speak
But she knows a good time

She goes with Daddy when he comes
But will be back to Nonno in the morning
She still does not speak but she knows
The light
The clapping
The fun
She knows Nonno loves her

Nonno ama Ella

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