Free Falling

April 27, 2011
By hockeyxc17 BRONZE, 1050 Chena Pump Road, Alaska
hockeyxc17 BRONZE, 1050 Chena Pump Road, Alaska
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Free Falling
Cascading into a waterfall new
All new, new people, new beginnings,
New enemies and new broken hearts
New lives and new houses
Wear you’ll meet new people,
Witness those first steps
Those of the baby, or as you her, miracle
Because she, from her hair to her toes is all yours
Father, she has none, that cute baby girl
Like a mirror to the past her eyes are
Contacts might hide that unmistakable resemblance
Like little spheres of guilt
“How could you keep me for him?
The man with eyes like mine”

Feel bad of course, but not enough
Her father was said to be my other half; one in the same
Never leaving my side, my 6 foot rock
Except we were not the same
When trouble arose we both gained something
For, me prenatal pills and an online GED
For him, a ticket away
Far away from me
I remember that day,
Like luminescent fireflies the texts stormed in
Support and remorse, I was strong
The words never differed much
One or the other
To good for him; obviously not good enough to make him stay
Now here, atop a college text book
Adventures to Statistics
That was me, that book
Another statistic
My baby was too
She was a face in a crowd
No figure to guide her
No bonding bike rides with my “other half”
She would be alone
Me of course, by her side
But I leave and she’s lonely, imagine
Me in the ground, starching away at ground that keeps me from my baby,
My Rock half way across the country, playing a sport
Professionally no doubt
And my baby
Alone and scared
Eyes to past are now looking to the future
Out alone in the world,
Free falling

The author's comments:
this poem tells a simple story. it is talking in first person about a girl with a baby. you cant tell by reading that she was young. she sdpeaks about abandonment by her partner and the worries she has for her daughter.

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