What a Poem Can Do

April 27, 2011
By Anonymous

A lost soul will wander through the pages of an open book of poems.
There in the pages the words will fly in to the air to the broken heart of the reader. It will mend their pains and ease their sorrows.
The words will soften their tear stained eyes.
The words will ease their worries and calm their thinking mind.
The troubles of home will be silenced, the yelling and shouting will be turned to mute.
The small child sitting in the corner cradling a book of poems, crying into the pages, soon they shall get the feeling of safety and comfort.
All from the soft written words.
There she shall sit, but not alone.
There she shall sit with hope, forgiveness, and understanding.
The understanding that she is important.
She will escape in the poems, into the poems of happiness and there she shall stay until everything is all right.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in class to describe a reader I want to reach out to. This type of person is who I hope my poems can touch and heal.

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