Lake Life

April 27, 2011
Sun peaks over the horizon lighting the dark sky
Water shimmers like a glistening emerald in the light of the rising sun
All lake life is still in the early morning
Then, the first call of a loon to her mate
A fish jumps nearby, ripples swirl in rings around the splash
An eagle circles high up in the sky with a keen eye for food to nurse her young
Otters frolic in the shallow waters
A new day has begun
The morning chill is eaten up by the glowing sun illuminating the sky
A frog hops from lily pad to stone in search of breakfast
While a painter turtle rests on a submerged log, absorbing the sun’s heat
The lake is buzzing with movement
From mosquito to toad
From otter to hawk
Each organism has a quest to survive
A duck leads her ducklings to feed
All life is part of a cycle
A cycle of birth, death and rebirth
Another day has begun
The lake life lives on

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