Let Love Lay Quiet

April 27, 2011
Let love lay quiet
Let it whisper on our lips
Let it tangle within our hair,
and linger on our skin
Let it settle softly on our tounges
Let it seep slowly into your heart,
filling the gaps and scars
left by the past
Let love be as blinding as the sun,
yet studdied as intricately as the rose,
letting its color wash over you
leaving you blind
Let love lay quiet
Let it move between our fingertips
and eyes
May it be loud as thunder,
yet no softer than a sigh
May it take your words away
leaving only touch
and taste
and raw simplicity
Let love lay quiet
Between our toes,
on our cheeks,
over our ever beating bodies
In our hair
In our eyes
In our lungs
And let it leave scars,
only to be filled again.

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