thoughts of a slave

April 27, 2011
By Anonymous

thoughts of a slave
wondering what tomorrow will bring
will madam cause a ball of anger to form in my chest and rise into my throat
ready for me to spit out at her
or will i finally be reunited with ruth
the only meaningful thing left in my life
and she was taken away also
a life torn apart by death, and a war that isn’t mine
a life i never asked for but received anyway
a life that originally had so much potential
so carefree, running through Ms. Mary Finch’s garden
with momma, ruth, and no thoughts of war
not knowing or even wondering
where i would be in a few years
not knowing that i would work in new york
with ruth such a long way away in Nevis
with no one to watch her
no one to care for her
no one to give her a shoulder to cry on
no one to comfort her after a fit
days pass
i am still the same slave
with hopes of getting home dwindling
hopes of being freed dwindling
no signs of ruth
i don’t hear her laughter in my head
i don’t see her smile anymore
i am loosing her
we used to have each other
neither of us has anyone
we need each other
i was the only one who understood her
i saw her heart
how caring and eager to please she was
i saw past the naive diligent worker that others saw
i saw the real ruth
and she knew it
freedom is nothing without ruth
if i don’t have ruth with me
there is no point
no point at all
with no one to love
what is the point
maybe tomorrow will bring a point
to this life that isn’t my choice

The author's comments:
it was written about a book named Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

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