My Life Is Pretty Average

April 27, 2011
By t.s.97 BRONZE, Andover, Massachusetts
t.s.97 BRONZE, Andover, Massachusetts
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When I’m not tearing out my hair
Or shouting, screaming, crying
Or complaining about how the world’s not fair
My life is pretty average

When I’m not counting down the days,
Till I get out of this school system,
When I’m not fighting to get my way
My life is pretty average

When I’m not confined, trapped in my room
For a careless slip of tongue
When I’m not drowning in my well-earned doom
My life is pretty average

When the devils themselves come out to play
And pick me as their victim
When I feel like I can’t go through another day
My life is pretty average

I’ve got a shingled roof above my head
A family of four including me
I’ve got a desk, a room, and a decent-sized bed
My life is pretty average

I wish, sometimes, that my life were different
A bit more like those in fairy tales
I wish I could get rid of all the bumps and scars in an instant
But, I suppose,
It’s those bumps and scars that make my life,
Pretty average

The author's comments:
When I wrote this piece I was thinking about how even though life can be hard sometimes, whatever I am going through, other people are too. I hope people get from this poem that no matter what you are going through, hang in there, and don't drown in self pity, because, honestly, your life is pretty average.

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