Being Misunderstood

April 27, 2011
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Sai Tial

There he is

With a beautiful smile,

Big muscles like Rambo,

Just the back,

Black suite, with white T-shirt on it

Aww…how romantic is the place

Flowers, candle light, violence playing

Give my hands to him,

Hold me like a Princess, with strong hands

Even though I fell, he’ll hold me..

He’ll protect me anytime.

So you better watch out

Don’t want to walk away from this place

Wish I could sit by him

For the rest of my life.

The light became brighter.

The clock ticking

Wish it wasn’t 7:00 o’clock

Man! The alarm clock went off

Have to get ready for school

Why didn’t I just stay here…

I wish I was in a coma.

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