Burn in Hell

April 27, 2011
By sgtc4ever GOLD, Wheatland, Missouri
sgtc4ever GOLD, Wheatland, Missouri
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I used to be normal.
I used to have a good life.
Until you came along,
and cut me like a knife.

I used to be happy.
I used to smile a lot.
I miss the days when I would laugh at a joke,
but now I only cry to where I choke.

You f***** up my life,
and screwed with my head,
and now I only haev hatred for you.
I wish you were dead.

I used to know what trust felt like,
Always had a smile on my face,
But now where that trust was,
Fear has taken its place.

You took away my confidence,
and all my self-esteem.
And now instead of laughing,
I only want to scream.

Thanks a lot for what you've done,
I hope you feel you've done well.
Now all I have to say is,
I hope you burn in hell.

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