Remember and Regret

April 27, 2011
By Lizzi_Wrath SILVER, Lucasville, Ohio
Lizzi_Wrath SILVER, Lucasville, Ohio
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I am who i am...Your approval isn't needed.

When I was little people used to say, "When she grows up, she'll break a lot of hearts."
Now as a teenager i can honestly say that the only heart I've broken has been my own. You used to make me feel whole but now I feel like a broken toy that has been discarded in a dark corner. I feel alone in the world I live in, my only comfort is my friends. I remember your smile, your laugh, and your coy way of telling me you loved me. Now you keep smiling and act like you remember when you really don't have a clue. You don't remember all the times you made me laugh or all the times you held me when i cried. I remember that you used to push me away when you got too close. I remember that I tried to resent you but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stay mad for very long. Now you have broken memories. I remember why I hate you, I remember the pain, I remember how many times I cried over you and I remember you weren't there!I regret everything I ever told you that I held close to my heart.... even now it kills me inside to tell you goodbye but it's for the best.

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