Ana and Mia won't let her go.

April 27, 2011
By Elizabirdd BRONZE, Clay, West Virginia
Elizabirdd BRONZE, Clay, West Virginia
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nothing feels as good as skinny feels. - Kate moss

Ana, please stop the hurting.
Mia, is it even working?
Ana, I feel dizzy.
Mia, the room is spinning.

She's only fourteen.
At night you can hear her scream.
She wakes up in tears.
I wish I could wash away all her fears.
But Ana and Mia control her life.
that's the only reason she put down the knife.
She just wants to smile.
Even if it is just for a little while.
Mia tells her the only way is to be skinny.
Ana, says it's easier to stop eating.
It's all a lie.
If she doesn't stop she's going die.
No one even knows what she is doing to herself.
Everyone left.
When she looks in mirror she can't see her true reflection.
If she could she would know she is perfection.
Ana and Mia blind her eyes.
Fill her head with lies.

Ana, what if I can't do it anymore?
Mia, I'm losing control.
Ana, I can't feel all my ribs.
Mia, how many more fibs?

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