This Thing Called Life

April 27, 2011
By hay495 BRONZE, McCook, Nebraska
hay495 BRONZE, McCook, Nebraska
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This Thing Called Life

Why do people lie?
Why do people forget?
Why do people eventually move on?

It’s this thing called life.

Why can a smile from a boy make your whole day?
Why can friends make you smile, even when you feel awful?
Why when the sun shines, it makes any day more enjoyable?

It’s just this thing called life.

Why does it seem my sisters are treated differently than me?
Why do my parents not seem to trust me?
Why do we never agree on the same thing?
How come my punishments never seem fair? To me?

“Well it’s this thing called life dear.” I always seem to hear.

What makes people so sad? when others feel so happy?
What makes people so happy? when others are so sad?
What makes them so indecisive all the time?

Life’s just not fair sometimes.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in English class for an assignment and it turned out to be something sort of personal and deep.

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