May 5, 2011
By tyler meagher BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
tyler meagher BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The sky is lit with many different colors,
Mixing togther but still staying separated.
Including some colors that I could not give a name to.
With the entire sky filled with huge dark grey clouds,
It was still lit up and this is not normal at 11pm.

The wind was blowing, coming from all different directions.
We soon had to roll up the windows to stop the flying branches.
Driving down the old dirt roads looking at the cat tails,
Bending over as if they where laying down on the ground.
I started to hope for the best but I was thinking the worst,
From a distance we heard the tornado siren warning us of danger.
We realized that we were no longer safe and we needed to get home.

The road was covered in falling trees.
The dead trees didn’t withstand a chance against the fierce wind
Some where just little dead branches but there were also the opposite.
There where some areas where half a tree broke and barricaded itself.
Barring letting us get by, we squeezed our way through.

We drove home in a rush, wondering what was happing behind us
But also thinking about what we where about to encounter.
We made it home safely but we found out the next day
That there had been a tornado that touched down right where we were at.

The author's comments:
This was a very remeable day and its something i wount forget.

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