April 27, 2011
By Right4me BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Right4me BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise."

I don't belong here
In my heart, I know it's true
Look around, and you feel it
Look inside you, and you see it
It's there
I don't belong here
Written on my face,
written on my heart,
ingrained in my mind
I will one day
But not here
No, no today
I don't belong here
Look around you
And you see it,
Look inside you
and you feel it
Don't mistake me
for being too good
No, I'm not
I just don't belong here
I'll find my place
But not here,
and not today,
I don't belong here.

The author's comments:
This is not intended to be a depressing piece; in fact, it is simply letting my feelings out of not feeling like I belong. High School has been a little difficult for me, and I've always somewhat struggled to find me nitch. I never really fit in with the choir kids, drama kids, sports, etc..but I've had friends from each of these groups, but still felt like I live on the outside looking in. I've gotten used to being someone with a small amount of friends and being very independent; but at times I struggle with my insecurities about this. I know things will get better when I go to college and break free of the world of high school. (and all the petty-ness that goes along with it). For those of you who have ever felt the the way I do, and even those of you who haven't, who've always known where you belong, I hope you enjoy this.

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