April 27, 2011
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Something is off,
unaware of it all before,
and now how, do I learn,
things never meant for me to hear?

Into the hole I am edging,
for my grip is slipping.

Can you see me fall?
Can you hear me at all?
Can you see the dark in my eyes;
can you see me fall?

How will I survive,
if all my thoughts are like knives?
Can a wolf belong,
in a flock, forevermore?

I can wear your smile,
fix your laugh onto mine,
learn your fears and hopes,
with extravagant masks I will cope,
though my true self, will never shine.

Did you see me fall?
Did you hear me at all?
Did you see the dark in my eyes;
did you see me fall?

Now I will be quiet and kind,
for that is how we must survive,
into the hole I can never go,
and as long as I’m smiling that’s fine.

I will not fall, this time.

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