Growing up

April 27, 2011
By Alice28 GOLD, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Oregon
Alice28 GOLD, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Oregon
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Its hard to defeat someone...who never gives up.

I was once a little girl, with three best friends in the world named Hannah Kelsey and Jake. We started out as the kids who said hugs are better drugs. Then we all sort of just turned fake. Our lollypops turned into cigarettes. Getting high no longer meant seeing how far you could go on the swings. We've done things we regret. And we all threw away our purity rings. Remember when wearing protection only meant knee pads? Or when wearing a skirt didn't make your a hoe? Remember when we actually respected our moms and dads? Or when there wasnt much about life that we needed to know? Well now underwear turned into boxers and thongs; Time outs and spankings turned into jail time if you do something wrong. Remember back to a time when the only thing that really hurt was a broken arm and yet now that seems laughable compared to life's true harm. I wish I could go back, back to before, because I mean if this is growing up...what were we all excited for?

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