Life Is An Unfinished Book

April 28, 2011
By KatelynFH BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
KatelynFH BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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Life is like an unfinished book
Filled pages resemble memories
Blank pages resemble what hasn’t occurred
Each word has a meaning
Each page is a new page
......Each day is a new day
Some pages are difficult to read through
The page holds you back
Making you struggle
The binding holds all of it together
Securely seizing on to each page
Each page runs with its diverse words
Words of happiness, wisdom, sorrow
These pages are comforting
As if they are rubbing your back
Like a mother would for a worried child
Telling you everything will be okay
Your life is a book
It speaks to you
And speaks to others
Choose the right words
To send the right message

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